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Boosting safety performance in the workplace

safety performance

Safety program implementation is crucial within the workplace, but without the ongoing cooperation of employees to uphold safety performance, safety hazards become a greater risk. There are various methods of boosting safety performance in the workplace. When you boost safety performance and consideration, a more safe workplace is being created and maintained. The following are a couple of methods to maintain a safe workplace that comply with OHSA regulations:

Engaging employees: Engaging employees is the first step to boosting safety performance in the workplace, if employees are not engaged with the topic, less effort will be put in to maintain safety performance. Engage employees through education and training, ensure employees are informed on the importance of safety in the workplace, the dangers of common workplace hazards, and how to prevent the risks of these hazards. Ensure that training is conducted regularly on an ongoing basis to keep employees engaged.

Prepare employees for emergencies: Although not all emergencies can be predicted, employees should be aware of what to do during an emergency situation. Awareness and training of emergency procedures can boost overall safety performance in the workplace as employees will feel more prepared and secure in the event of an emergency.

In addition to the above methods of boosting safety performance in the workplace, other methods include:

  • Posting safety posters and information in the workplace that is beyond what is required in the regulation
  • Facilitating team meetings on safety in the workplace and discussing what improvements can be made
  • Providing additional resources on how to maintain a safe workplace.

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