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Does your organization need a mobile strategy?

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If your employees use mobile devices to perform work, then you probably do. It will be worth the effort, even if the strategy is just to understand which of your employees is using what devices on your network (and for what purposes), as well as what security measures you have in place (and whether they are sufficient).

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the challenges employers face when employees bring their own mobile devices to work. A couple of weeks ago, the Globe and Mail took the discussion back a step with “Ten questions to ask before developing a mobile strategy“:

  1. Do you need a mobile strategy?
  2. Which of my employees need to be mobile?
  3. Who buys the phones or tablets?
  4. Who pays for the monthly bill?
  5. What risks are involved with my employees using mobile technology?
  6. How do we minimize this risk?
  7. Which mobile device(s) should we choose?
  8. What if an employee wants to use their own device?
  9. What about liability?
  10. Do I need to outsource or can I do it myself?

The federal government has advice to help organizations and their employees protect themselves. See “Protect Your Business or Organization Online or While Mobile” via the initiative.

Adam Gorley
Internal Controls, Human Resources and Compliance Editor

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