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Air Canada

Leave to Appeal Air Canada mandatory retirement case to Supreme Court of Canada dismissed

As predicted, there was an application for leave to appeal Air Canada’s mandatory retirement case to the Supreme Court of Canada; however, without providing any reasons, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed the application and refused to hear the matter.


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Arbitrator favours Air Canada’s final offer to pilots in labour dispute

On July 30, 2012, the federal arbitrator made a decision which ends the labour dispute between Air Canada and its pilots: a five-year collective agreement effective until April 2016.


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Air Canada pilots’ mandatory retirement saga continues

As you may recall, Air Canada pilots launched human rights complaints on the ground of age discrimination because the company forced them to retire at age 60. In a history of decisions spanning back to 2007 challenging the Air Canada policy that requires pilots to retire at the age of 60, which section 15(1)(c) of the Canadian Human Rights Act purports to allow, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal recently made two more decisions. One involved…


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Arbitrators appointed for Air Canada pilots and machinists

I wrote recently about the Air Canada back-to-work legislation and the unions’ challenge to this legislation that it violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Well, now the arbitrators have been appointed for the labour disputes, notwithstanding the recent constitutional challenge. It has been decided that Douglas Stanley will be dealing with the pilots’ dispute, and Michel […]


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More news on Air Canada: pilots challenge the back-to-work legislation

The Air Canada pre-emptive back-to-work legislation saga continues. Now the pilots have challenged the pre-emptive back-to-work legislation in court arguing that it prevents strikes or lockouts, forces the pilots to keep flying, and coerces the pilots to accept a contract imposed by arbitration in a process that is completely skewed given it was designed to favour the airline’s position…


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Air Canada pre-emptive back-to-work Bill

On March 14, 2012, Bill C-33, An Act to Provide for the Continuation and Resumption of Air Service Operations, received third reading in the House of Commons. The goal of the Bill is to require continued service, prohibit strikes and lockouts, extend the previous collective agreement and create a final offer selection scheme to force the parties (the employer and the two unions for the pilots and support staff) to settle their dispute.


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Slaw: Why I was compelled to watch ‘Pan Am’

Why I was compelled to watch the television show Pan Am? To see if they would accurately portray the workplace culture of the 1960’s, which I have heard about and find very intriguing. In addition, with the recent Air Canada labour troubles on my mind, the show seemed a propos.


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The Air Canada pilots’ mandatory retirement saga – will it end with the tribunal’s third decision?

In July, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal made its third decision in the case of two Air Canada pilots who challenged the airline’s mandatory retirement policy. The tribunal decided in favour of Air Canada. Then, in August, the tribunal decided in a similar case involving 70 other Air Canada pilots. The tribunal again decided in favour of the airline, but for different reasons. For those hoping the July decision would settle the matter once and for all, the August decision is sure to confuse matters.


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Is mandatory retirement really mandatory?

Section 15.1 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Charter) provides that “every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on…age.”


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Air Canada pilots must be reinstated after forced retirement

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ordered Air Canada to reinstate two pilots, aged 65 and 67, who were forced to retire at age 60.


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Hearings scheduled to decide retirement ages of Air Canada pilots

Between November 22 and November 25, 2010, the Federal Court of Canada will hold hearings and then decide whether the mandatory retirement age of 60 years should stand for about 3,000 Air Canada pilots.


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