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anti-bullying laws

Slaw: ‘Gay-Straight Alliances’ in schools part of anti-bullying Bill

Through Standing Committee on Social Policy hearings, the government heard that students should be allowed to call student-led, single-issue groups specifically “Gay-Straight Alliances” or other similar names. This has angered some Christians, among them Evangelical and Catholic groups as well as their leaders, who feel that this Bill would force them to allow clubs with the name “Gay-Straight Alliance” in their schools. They feel accepting such a premise violates their beliefs, Charter rights and religious freedom.


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Slaw: New anti-bullying laws across Canada

Following the increased occurrence of bullying in schools among Canadian youths aged 11 to 16, and high-profile suicides of young persons due to bullying, several jurisdictions in Canada are in the process of enacting anti-bullying laws. The aim of the laws is…


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