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Department of National Defence

Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program update: Part 2

As you may recall, we at Human Resources PolicyPro have been following up on the Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program (CERP) since 2015. On February 3, 2017, the federal government announced the roll–out of the CERP.


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Update on Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program

In late November 2015 we were advised by the Department of National Defence that it was “working with Employment and Social Development Canada to finalize all elements of the Program to ensure a seamless and comprehensive roll-out…., it is projected that web-based information for CERP will be fully accessible online through the website in winter 2016.” In July I was still unable to find any further information on the program, and so I contacted the Department of National Defence and asked them for an update.


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Compensation for employers of reservists program – fact or fiction?

The Canadian Forces website states that there are currently 26,000 Reservists in the Forces, from all walks of life. Chances are many employers will have reservists on their payroll as employees. Indeed, since 2007 all provinces and territories, in addition to the federal government, have enacted legislation to provide for unpaid leave for reservists.


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Intern not ’employee’ for CPP and EI deduction purposes

I just read a case coming out of the Tax Court of Canada that confirmed an intern working for a charitable organization was not an “employee”; rather, she was a scholarship recipient. Therefore, the organization didn’t have to make any source deductions such as CPP and EI on behalf of the intern.


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