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Celebrating Canadian Multiculturalism Day

Canadian Multiculturalism Day is celebrated on June 27 of each year. According to the Government of Canada, Canadian Multiculturalism Day is an opportunity to celebrate the country’s diversity and its commitment to democracy, equality and mutual respect, and to appreciate the contributions of the various multicultural groups and communities to Canadian society.


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Ontario Human Rights Commission released updated policy on “preventing discrimination based on Creed”

This past December the Ontario Human Rights Commission released a new and comprehensive 173 page Updated Policy on Preventing Discrimination based on Creed to replace its earlier Policy that was first published in 1996. The Commission stated that given the significant demographic changes in Ontario, it has been working on a new policy since 2012. The aim of the policy is to highlight how discrimination on the basis of Creed can be avoided in broader Ontario society which is increasingly more diverse.


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Festive celebrations and the workplace

With the holiday season in full swing, employers are in the midst of the annual balancing act between festive celebration and appropriate workplace conduct. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are some tips for planning and hosting a successful and (hopefully) incident free workplace holiday party.


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Multiculturalism Day in Canada

Did you know that the 1st nation to adopt ‘multiculturalism’ as an official policy was Canada?


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Aboriginal Day and Multiculturalism Day in Canada

June 21, 2014, is Aboriginal Day in Canada, and June 27, 2014, is Canadian Multiculturalism Day, and is worth mentioning.


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HRinfodesk poll result and commentary: Does safety training have to be multilingual?

Does safety training have to be multilingual? According to 138 (45%) out of 304 respondents, yes, safety training should be multilingual. But it was close—124 (41%) respondents did not believe that there is such an obligation and 42 (14%) did not know either way. So what is the right answer?


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New development in Christian Horizons discrimination case

When a support worker at an evangelical Christian organization that runs homes for persons with developmental disabilities entered a same-sex relationship, the organization found the worker had breached its “Lifestyle and Morality Statement,” which prohibited homosexual relationships. The organization, Christian Horizons, eventually terminated the employee on that ground, and the worker complained of discrimination to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.


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First Nations Day and Multiculturalism Day in Canada

June 21, 2013, is First Nations Day in Canada, and June 27, 2013, is Multiculturalism Day, and is worth mentioning.


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Implicit bias in the workplace studies: The HR implications

We like to think we are all fair and objective. However, implicit bias is apparent in everyone, regardless of if you accept it or not. An Implicit Association Test by Project Implicit at Harvard Universityreminds us that while people don’t often speak their minds, we might actually not even know our minds. Are we purposely hiding something from others, or are we implicitly hiding something from ourselves? When it comes to strategic recruitment, implicit bias plays a big role. There have been countless implicit bias studies done in the field of recruitment and human resource development. Let’s take a look at a few standouts.


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A broader view of workplace diversity

Workplace diversity efforts often focus on employees’ gender, race and ability. The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants wants to broaden employers’ horizons and help them see the larger picture of diversity. “The concept of diversity encompasses factors including age, culture, personality, skill, training, educational background and life experience. The influence of a variety of perspectives and viewpoints can contribute to flexibility and creativity within organizations, which can help them thrive in a complex and competitive global economy.”

Is she suggesting organizations hire unskilled and inexperienced workers with poor personalities? Probably not.


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Embracing diversity unleashes potential… and home runs?

“It is simple. Saying yes to diversity is saying yes to modernity, to opportunity, and to the very future of our country.” Those are the words of Canada’s Governor General, Michaëlle Jean, at a recent lunch sponsored by Toronto’s DiverseCity initiative.


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Racism in the news; racism in the workplace

Anyone who thinks that the days of individual and systemic racism in Canada are behind us should think again. It might not be nice to think about, but across the country, Canadians and visitors to Canada face racism every day.


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Overt racism in the workplace – it’s still here

I think most people recognize that racism—even overt racism—is still a factor in Canadian culture, but these strategy and news item make it clear: we’ve come a long way and can now openly say that racism exists and is something we want to eliminate; but we have also a long way to go yet before the Canadian dream of a multiculturally diverse society moves beyond mere tolerance toward true acceptance and equality.


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