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employee is required to work on the holiday

Public holiday reminders for the 2014-15 holiday season

The holiday season is often the happiest time of the year, because of time spent with family, gifts and many other things. However, it can also be the most stressful time of the year, especially at work. Deadlines are often tight because of shifting schedules, customers and workloads can be more demanding, and there may be pressure to increase performance to meet end-of-year business goals. Family demands, travel and employment standards public holiday (statutory holiday/general holiday) requirements can also take a toll. Management should not forget what employees are entitled to, and their responsibilities, under the law regarding time off during the holidays. Here is a brief summary


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Victoria Day, a public (statutory) holiday in some jurisdictions

On Monday May 19, 2014, most Canadians get a day off work with pay on what is called Victoria Day. In Quebec, it is called National Patriots’ Day.


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