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Employment Insurance Act

Tax and employment insurance issues when settling dismissal claims

Employment lawyers are generally quite adept at negotiating and resolving disputes arising out of the termination of an individual’s employment. We have all seen the statistics that only a miniscule number of dismissals result in a full trial and we know that in almost every case, it is better for the parties to reach a resolution than to proceed with litigation. That said, many traps exist in the settlement of a wrongful dismissal claim.


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Adoptive mothers not allowed maternity leave

Under employment standards legislation, birth mothers receive a total of 52 weeks of leave when they combine maternity (17 weeks) and parental leave (35 weeks), and are entitled to receive a total of 50 weeks of EI benefits (15 weeks maternity, 35 weeks parental) for that period. However, the same benefits are not available to adoptive mothers, who only receive 37 weeks of parental leave and 35 weeks of EI benefits. Now a new movement to challenge the law to provide equal EI benefits to adoptive parents is gaining momentum…


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When are directors liable to employees for debts of the corporation?

It is an accepted principle of corporate law that the owners or managers of a corporation are not legally liable personally for the debts of that corporation. However, since the inception of limited liability, corporations have sought to avoid payment of various debts by hiding behind what is referred to as the “corporate veil”. Some of these efforts have been so flagrant a misuse of the principle that courts have struggled to “pierce the corporate veil” and impose legal liability on directors of the corporation for certain conduct.


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EI will rise by a lot!

Several media outlets have reported that Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer announced a sharp rise in employment insurance rate. This stems from the recently tabled report: Projecting Employment Insurance Premium Revenues and Expenses made available on April 15, 2010…


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