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Most-viewed articles this week on HRinfodesk

Connecting to co-workers and employer on social media Our last HRinfodesk poll asked readers if they connect with their boss or any of their co-workers on any social media platform. According to poll results, the majority said they don’t or never will. New mandatory health and safety workplace poster Under the Ontario Occupational Health and […]


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Most-viewed articles this week on HRinfodesk

The war is over (and you’re fired)! In the history of questionable dismissals of employees, the saga of journalist Edward Kennedy has to rank near the top of the list. Over 65 years after his firing, his former employer has apologized. (In PDF) Is excessive Internet use time theft? It is now common for employees […]


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Organizational behaviour Part I: what is it and why is it important for employers?

Organizational behaviour has been defined as the field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and structures have on behaviour within organizations, particularly workplaces, in order to improve the organization’s effectiveness. But is it important for employers to understand organizational behaviour?


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Has your workplace experienced an outbreak of the ‘World Cup Flu’?

Are your employees suffering from the “World Cup Flu”? Are you finding that there is an unusually high rate of absenteeism in your office these days?


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Dismissing an employee for cause – are reasons required?

The question of whether an employer should give reasons at the time of dismissal is an important one in employment law…


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Competing with former employers

The Ontario Superior Court re-affirmed the freedom of employees to leave their employer and set up a competitive business.


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Hours of work: What counts as ‘work’ in the Blackberry era?

I lifted that title from a presentation at the recent Davis LLP employment law update, because I don’t think I need to improve on it. The question seems simple, but I’m certain that it has got many employers and human resources departments wishing the handy devices had never been invented! (Okay, maybe not that confused.)


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Can employers prevent workplace suicide?

I was recently reading an issue of SafetyNewsAlert, which indicated that there were over 20 attempted suicides over one year in a single Chinese technology factory—one that manufactures products for Apple, including the iPad, among other things. Out of the 20 attempts, 9 suicides were successful within a period of five months. According to the article, questions are being raised about the sustainability of China’s manufacturing model, which relies on long hours from its workers. Typical workweeks include seven days of twelve hours.


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The case of ‘hazing’ and ‘horseplay’ in the workplace continued

In my previous post on hazing and horseplay in the workplace, I referred to a recent incident where photos and videos revealed some very questionable events involving management and employees of the City of Mississauga. Since the acts were potentially criminal, the police became involved and started an investigation. Although some have said that the employees consented to the horseplay and hazing, one may wonder if that was really the case.


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Upcoming workplace violence and harassment inspections

Ontario Ministry of Labour health and safety inspectors discuss employers’ responsibilities around workplace violence and harassment…


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MOL proactive health and safety inspections really do happen

To our great surprise, First Reference recently got a visit from an Ontario Ministry of Labour Occupational Health and Safety Inspector. I knew we had nothing to worry about; however, it is still unnerving when an inspector comes knocking at the door…


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Managers feeling harassed by anti-harassment policies

This case contains an interesting detail of particular interest to managers who feel harassed by health and safety anti-harassment policies…


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AODA – Are the doorman and elevator attendant back?

Despite such pressing topics as the fast-approaching Bill 168 changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, almost certainly the biggest topic this year was the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). I mean, you’ve already prepared your organization for Bill 168, right—and it wasn’t too painful, was it? Well, the AODA Customer Service Standard is going to creep up quickly, too, and it will change the way you do business.


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‘Hazing’ and ‘horseplay’ in the workplace – a serious matter for the employer

I recently read an article on “hazing” and “horseplay” in the workplace. Photos and videos revealed incidents where employees were subjected to some very unusual, and downright unacceptable, treatment in the transportation and works department of their municipal employer.


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Litigating just cause cases

Making the decision to dismiss an employee for just cause and litigating a wrongful dismissal claim on the basis of summary dismissal are two different things…


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