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Workers now eligible for WSIB benefits for chronic mental stress and workplace harassment

The recent changes to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act may well be a blessing for employees without other remedy or recourse. At this time, it appears possible that employees who have been subject to chronic workplace stress may be able to apply to the WSIB for some form of benefit. What the WSIB and the WSIAT do with this new entitlement is yet to be seen.


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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk

The three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with: workplace strategies where there is a risk of impairment from cannabis, how an employer’s suspicion alone was not enough to prove an allegation of sick leave abuse and how one employer dodged a penalty after failing to adhere to re-employment obligations.


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The importance of participating in a WSIB worker appeal

Ever had a worker appeal a decision from the WSIB? Did you decide to participate? What are the implications of not participating?


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Injured worker was not able to receive loss of earning benefits after his termination

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal decided in February that an injured worker who was receiving workers’ compensation benefits up to his termination was not entitled to any further benefits as of the date of his termination. Does this seem fair?


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