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WSIB statements for complex organizations

Most Ontario businesses think their WSIB NEER statement is complicated. They’re right, but consider the statements for larger organizations or those with complex structures that have an organizational statement or multiple NEER statements?

What is a WSIB Organizational Statement?

  • A NEER statement for a company with more than one account within the same rate group (the WSIB’s categorization for each industry
  • These separate accounts are combined on one NEER Organizational Statement

How do Organizational Statements differ from a regular NEER statement?

  • NEER costs for each individual account are capped at 4 times expected costs at the Organizational level – not at the individual account level
  • Individual Account Performance index can exceed 4.00
  • Individual NEER statement refund/surcharge amounts are calculated first for each account, then separate calculation under the organizational “umbrella”

What if my company has accounts in different rate groups?

  • Some companies have different areas/departments that cross rate groups
  • They will receive more than one NEER statement

What should I watch out for if I have more than one NEER statement?

  • Ensure that an injured worker is assigned to the proper rate group
  • Ensure correct accident is being charged to the proper rate group

What if I have an employee that crosses two areas with different rate groups?

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