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Apprenticeship strategy, the Oil Patch and Maritime Union

The Department of Labour and Advanced Education in Nova Scotia is planning to provide an update on a new apprenticeship strategy for the Province in mid-January. Concerns expressed to date include putting several apprentices on a job with little or no oversight, the need for re-work when things don’t work out as a result, training officers responsible for hundreds of apprentices, and a recent change in policy over out-of-province workers.

Nova Scotia apprentices used to be able to count hours worked out west, but since the summer of 2012, they must register their apprenticeship in the province in which they work, even if they still live in Nova Scotia. Critics say that forcing apprentices to register in another province will encourage them to move away for good. They also point to the fact that apprentices from New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island do not appear to be subject to the same policy.

Meanwhile, there continues to be talk of maritime union and the benefits of removing and/or blending regulatory regimes. It has been suggested that there is nothing wrong with starting small, building momentum and tackling bigger challenges as you go along. Coming up with a common approach to apprenticeship between some or all of the Maritime provinces could be an example of a small yet strategic move that could be good for both employers and employees in Nova Scotia.

Amery Boyer,
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Amery Boyer

Amery Boyer, CHRP, MBA is a Human Resources professional with extensive experience in human resources, staffing and employee relations for both the private and public sectors and various levels of governments. She was a contributing editor of The Human Resources Advisor, Atlantic edition published by First Reference. Read more

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