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Author Archive - Suzanne Cohen Share

Suzanne Cohen Share holds a master’s degree in Health Policy and Critical Disabilities, including disability law. Suzanne is a well-known cross-disability accessibility expert and consultant, a popular lecturer, trainer, researcher and author. She is the author of Accessibility Standards PolicyPro published by First Reference Inc. Suzanne is the proprietor of Access (SCS) Consulting Services. Read more

AODA and the relationship with the Ontario Human Rights Code

While learning about the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), organizations should be aware of the legal limitations of the Act in relation to the Ontario Human Rights Code. Many people are unaware that the Code takes precedent.


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AODA: Common misconceptions about proposed accessible built environment standard

It has been brought to my attention that there are some common misconceptions about the final proposed built environment standard under the AODA. This post is intended to clarify a few of these misunderstandings.


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Call for a national accessibility action plan to meet obligations to people with disabilities

For years I have followed the work of advocacy groups in order to understand the needs of people with disabilities. One issue stands out among the research: the removal and prevention of barriers is vital to provide equal access to daily living. Two recognizable advocacy groups are asking the federal government to get on with a plan of action.


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AODA accessibility standards for customer service – Training decisions

Ontario’s Accessibility Standards for Customer Service requires organizations to train staff, volunteers and third parties who deal with the public on your behalf on how to provide customer service to people with disabilities. What are the legal requirements for training?


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Accessible electronic information and communications: small steps with a big outcome

There are some simple ways all of us can alter our daily habits so that people with a variety of disabilities who depend on a screen reader can understand your information. What is a screen reader? A screen reader reads aloud electronic communications.


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