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Are you aware of Bill 47: Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018?

Making Ontario Open for Business ActNearly a full repeal of Bill 148: The Fair Workplaces Better Jobs Act, 2017 has been proposed

On October 23rd 2018, the announcement was made from the Government of Ontario that Bill 47: Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018, will be proposed to change Bill 148. This new bill repeals sections of Bill 148 that had been previously introduced by the former government. This large repeal will affect businesses all across Ontario, changes include:

  • Minimum wage paused at $14 per hour
    • 33-month pause in minimum wage increase
    • When there is an increase, it will be tied to inflation
  • Partial repeal of scheduling provisions
  • Partial removal of equal pay for equal work
    • Requirement for equal pay on the basis of sex will remain
  • Returning to previous calculation of public holiday pay
  • Return to previous union certification policies
  • Amended personal emergency leave
    • Replace current PEL with a package containing: 8 unpaid annual leave days (3 for personal illness, 2 for bereavement leave, and 3 for family responsibilities)
  • Medical notes
    • Employers may request a medical note from a qualified health practitioner in regards to employee’s personal emergency leave
  • Apprenticeship ratios set at 1:1
  • Dissolution of the Ontario College of Trades

The following sections of Bill 148 will remain under this proposal:

  • Domestic or sexual violence leave
  • Paid vacation expansion

As this proposal from the Government of Ontario is pending, it is important to continuously stay up to date with the process and development of Bill 47. Changes and repeals to Bill 148 will affect your current policies, ensure you are ready for this proposed change in Ontario!

For more information on this newly proposed act, visit:

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