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Do you have what it takes? A look at corporate leadership

leadershipLeadership: a good leader is the one who is influential enough to get others to follow them willingly. They have a vision; they have a dream and the passion to pursue it. They have analytical skills, a decision–making ability and a go–getter attitude. They dream big and turn those dreams into reality. They possess virtues like integrity, dedication, fairness and an open mind to greet new ideas and innovate.

Are all managers good leaders and teachers?

This question brings us to the concept of corporate leadership that highlights the role of effective leadership in the growth and success of an organization. Managers need to possess leadership skills like planning, organizing, delegating and effective communication. Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right thing. But when the line between the two blurs, managers become excellent leaders and leaders become effective managers.

If you are a small business with fewer than twenty employees or a multinational company of a thousand professionals, leadership has a big role to play in directing an organization’s resources on the path of progress and to the safety of workers.

Effective leaders are those who have the ability to listen, think, foresee, understand and interpret the Health and Safety Act. An effective leader, grows the organization not only through increased productivity and increased bottom line but through safe work practices that they illicit in their day to day activities and through a thorough understanding of the responsibilities of everyone in the workplace—your internal responsibility system or IRS.

The new Health and Safety law requires all leaders such as managers and supervisors to be trained so that they fully understand the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) and their responsibilities.

As quoted from the ministry of labour website, “The OHSA gives employers and workers duties that help support the role of the supervisor. When appointing a supervisor, the employer must ensure the person is competent. To be competent, a supervisor must have enough knowledge, training and experience to organize the work and how it is to be performed. He or she must also be familiar with the OHSA and any regulations under it that apply to the workplace, and, know about any actual or potential health and safety hazards in the workplace.

Employers have other significant duties related to supporting a supervisor, including acquainting workers or supervisors with any hazards in the workplace; providing and maintaining equipment and protective devices; and, taking every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect workers. Workers also have duties that support the supervisor in his/her role, for example, to work safely and in compliance with the OHSA and regulations, and, to report any workplace hazards and contraventions of the law to the supervisor or employer.”

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