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Do you track any human resources metrics?

Back in the heady days of summer 2010, our sister publication HRinfodesk began a series of polls on human resources management systems (HRMS) and metrics. In July, about one-third of respondents said they already use an HRMS and just over one in ten said they were considering it. In August, one-third of HRMS users said it makes their jobs easier, while the rest said the system offered no improvement or actually made things more difficult.

trackingThen in October, we asked Do you track any human resources metrics (e.g., productivity, absences, turnover, etc.)? Out of 184 responses, 140 said yes (76 percent) and 44 said no (24 percent). We’ll be looking at HR metrics in greater detail in future polls, but these results seem to indicate that organizations are interested in using human resources data to inform organizational strategy, even if they’re only in the early stages of measurement and analysis. To be clear, tracking HR metrics means collecting and analyzing diverse personnel information and measuring it against measurable organizational goals, profitability being the most fundamental.

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