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Family status accommodation: an infographic

Working parents—and their employers—may appreciate the return to regular schedules at the end of summer, but the new school year brings challenges, too. Employers may be hearing a little (or a lot) more about employees’ family scheduling problems and requests for accommodation.

We’ve put together our latest infographic “Family status and accommodation: what employers need to know” for you!

Courts and tribunals across the country have made it clear that employers need to help relieve the burden on working parents and other family caregivers. But with three competing legal interpretations creating three tests for when an employer must accommodate an employee’s family status, and complicated by two definitions of family status, the law is not settled.

Employers nevertheless must accommodate employees’ reasonable family status requests, and need to understand their responsibilities.

See the infographic to get the scoop on employers’ obligations with respect to accommodating employees’ child and elder care challenges.

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Adam Gorley is a copywriter, editor and researcher at First Reference. He contributes regularly to First Reference Talks, Inside Internal Controls and other First Reference publications. He writes about general HR issues, accessibility, privacy, technology in the workplace, accommodation, violence and harassment, internal controls and more. Read more
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