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HR metrics: A data driven look at sales teams

sales-teamI’ve been in the Bay Area this week meeting clients and data driven (HR metrics) talent leaders from…you guessed it…companies predominantly in the tech space.

Not only do I love California, I just love how easy and aligned the conversations are. Maybe it’s that west coast flow, or maybe the folk out here just speak my language?

One theme that appears universal in this market is the emphasis on building and optimizing a highly effective sales function. And, based on my conversations, companies are looking for help in making better hiring decisions for their sales team, and in optimizing the performance of these teams.

The fundamental of any sales investment is to deliver positive ROI. And you need to fill that sales seat to deliver any type return…and it’s best to fill that seat with a quality hire to deliver an optimal return…and ultimately, someway you need to keep that seat filled with that high quality producer.

All of this got me thinking about the ways in which analytics can guide and drive the building out and scaling of a highly effective sales capability. With this in mind, I put together some thoughts on the inputs and decisions needed to gain a 360 degree view on your sales talent, broken into three components—Company Context, Candidate Profile & Recruitment, and Development, Support & Motivation.

Click the below image to read more and access the one-–pager.


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