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Human rights on vacation in Montreal

I am on holiday in Montreal and delighted to see the city blanketed with banners announcing “International Day Against Homophobia.” A visit to the website below reveals an amazing array of events being held in high schools and city streets from St-John’s to Vancouver, places in between and all around the world!

As stated on the “International Day Against Homophobia” website,

“the right to fight homophobia, and all different kinds of discrimination for that matter, is in itself a human right. In other words, everybody has the right to make sure that their and other people’s rights, including those of gays and lesbians, are respected.”

The information on the website speaks for itself. The site provides information on the scope of the human rights protection offered in Canada and in Québec in general, and as it pertains to sexual orientation, homophobia and discrimination in particular. Enough said.

Happy Anti-Homophobia Day!

Andrew Lawson
Human Rights Advisor, Learn Don’t Litigate

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Andrew Lawson

Trainer and advisor at Learn Don't Litigate
Andrew Lawson is a human rights and health and safety trainer and advisor, currently consulting to both the federal and Ontario governments. Since 1996, he has conducted extensive legal research in the areas of human rights and occupational health and safety law. He has worked in the people management business for over 25 years. Read more
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