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7 ways to decrease negativity in a working environment

negativityWorkplace negativity is an increasing problem in today’s society. Some say that this negativity is a result of the loss of control, confidence, or community of a workplace. The best way to combat workplace negativity is not to allow it to occur in the first place. Here are seven ways that your business can combat workplace negativity before it begins.

1. Decision making

Providing opportunities for employees to make decisions is very important. Decision making without the person in question is the most frequent cause of workplace negativity because the worker has no input regarding their job. Any decisions that are made without the worker’s input can be perceived as negative and these decisions can be very vulnerable towards workplace negativity.

2. Value their opinion

Making opportunities available for workers to express their opinion on topics such as workplace policies and procedures are very important in producing a positive environment. It is important to recognize the impact of changes in work hours, dress codes, job requirements, working conditions and benefits. These factors are present in the everyday workforce for workers and it can result in a negative working environment if these changes are made without their input.

3. Treat workers with fairness

Make sure that one employee is not receiving special treatment in the eyes of the other workers. This can lead to a negative working environment because it will seem like the employee is receiving more than the other workers. It is important to develop procedures that initiate effective work and apply these procedures consistently. To have one worker get granted leave on the different terms that another worker who does not get granted is deemed unfair and is not consistent for the workers.

4. Provide healthy outlets

The workers mental and physical health can be impacted by the outlets set in place. Some healthy outlets can include gym memberships, meditation or providing an instructor every once in a while to help relieve common workplace stress. Healthy outlets aid tremendously in providing a positive workplace and decreasing stress.

5. Regular updates

Providing regular updates can aid in decreasing workplace drama and uncertainty. If the management team prepares for a change three months in advance but the workers do not know until it is put into effect, this creates uncertainty throughout the workplace. Some ways to decrease uncertainty within the workplace can include updating the workers on how the current economy can affect their jobs and their job security, let the workers know why you hired a new worker and when the company will be eliminating a product/service.

6. Workplace activities

When workers are given the opportunity to create a stronger bond, the negativity in the workplace will be decreased. Some examples of workplace activities can include holiday parties, sports tournaments and lunch opportunities. When participating in these types of events, it will create a stronger bond between workers, reduce drama within the office and relieve stress.

7. Set an example

The most important factor in reducing workplace negativity is setting an example for the workers. By bringing the proper attitude into the workplace, the workers will do the same. Some ways to set an example for your workers is to arrive to work early, dress how you want the workers to dress and always share the credit on projects. This will make the workers want to excel in their job and follow your example.

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