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New Liberal Government plans to keep best and brightest and support persons with disabilities in Nova Scotia

The newly elected Liberal government platform states that businesses need workers, and recent graduates and skilled workers need experience. The Liberal government states that it will support young graduates to develop the necessary skills and gain experience in their fields by:


  1. Refocusing incentives on getting young Nova Scotians into the workforce by creating the “Graduate to Opportunity Program”.
  2. Expanding apprenticeship opportunities in the province by allowing more apprentices to work under a single journeyperson so that the Province can keep skilled workers in Nova Scotia.
  3. Modernizing the apprenticeship system and increasing flexibility so apprentices can earn hours out of province and access block training more easily.
  4. Ensuring all Nova Scotians have access to a portable private pension plan.

In addition, the Nova Scotia Liberals promised during the election campaign that they would develop an Accessibility for Nova Scotians with Disabilities Act. Nova Scotia will be third province with Accessibility legislation.

Details of the platform regarding recent graduates and skilled workers may be viewed here; the platform for accessibility legislation can be viewed here.

Amery Boyer
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Amery Boyer

Amery Boyer, CHRP, MBA is a Human Resources professional with extensive experience in human resources, staffing and employee relations for both the private and public sectors and various levels of governments. She was a contributing editor of The Human Resources Advisor, Atlantic edition published by First Reference. Read more

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