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Preventing Impairment in the Workplace


How can you prevent impairment in the workplace with cannabis usage on the rise due to its legalization?

With cannabis being the most consumed drug globally, its legalization in Canada raises concerns for workplace safety and impairment, especially for jobs that have the potential to place employees in harm’s way. Employers must be fully aware of Bill C-45 and its potential effects on their employees and the workplace.

Minimizing risk of impairment starts with preventative measures. Initiate measures to educate your employees on the links between mental health and substance use to promote employee health and well-being. Train supervisors, HR personnel and health & safety committee members on how to look for potential cannabis consumption in others, including the smell of cannabis as well as visible signs such as out of character behaviour, eye discolouration, poor muscle coordination and delayed reaction times & abilities. Ensure that you address cannabis use in your health & safety program with a clear outline of how the use of cannabis in the workplace will be addressed and dealt with.

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