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Start seeing clearly: Get the visibility you need with talent acquisition analytics

Across the areas of attracting, sourcing, and progressing candidates through a positive experience there are many moving parts. It can be a challenge to understand quickly and clearly, what’s working and what’s not, and where to invest attention and budget. And while there is a ton of data available this isn’t always at the right level to inform decisions. A deeper look at your recruitment channel and candidate data can deliver visibility into the effectiveness of your efforts and tell you where focus is needed. Take a look at how deeper insight into these 3 talent areas can yield powerful insight and can drive meaningful conversations with the business.

Candidate pipeline

peopleinsight image 2 july 28 blog postCandidate Pipeline Analytics provide visibility into what’s working and not working across each stage of your hiring process so you know where you need to focus. This drives targeted improvements in finding, qualifying and converting quality candidates into high-performing and loyal employees.

Channel effectiveness

peopleinsightimageaugust2515blogpostYou invest heavily in different sourcing channels but it can be a challenge to understand which sources are driving the best return. Channel Effectiveness Analytics provide this necessary layer of insight –enabling powerful segmentation of channel data to ensure the hiring objective stays at the core of decisions and actions.

Candidate experience

peopleinsight image oct 27 blog postA Candidate Experience Survey is a great way to build on insight from candidate pipeline analytics, providing the ‘why’ behind the numbers. These survey results provide the context needed to take targeted action in improving recruitment and hiring, and showcase your employer brand to continually attract the highest quality candidates.
Talent Acquisition Analytics provide the insight required to drive focus. Candidate Pipeline and Channel Effectiveness Analytics provide the right level of detail, segmented across important characteristics like role and geography to understand clearly the optimal volume and conversion rates to meet specific hiring objectives. A Candidate Experience Survey provides the next layer of insight – unearthing the context behind your pipeline numbers.

With heightened visibility, you can see what’s working, what’s not, and where you’re stuck. From this vantage point, knowing where to focus attention and investment is clear.

With talent acquisition analytics you can:

  • Engage in targeted conversations with stakeholders, speak a common language
  • Act with confidence
  • Gain credibility across the business
  • Build predictability into attracting, sourcing and progressing candidates
  • Know exactly where you need to focus
  • Make evidence-based, data-driven decisions

For more on any of these areas – candidate pipeline, channel effectiveness or candidate experience – click here.

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