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2012 federal budget

Have SIN card changes been well thought out?

In its omnibus budget Bill C-38, the federal government is giving itself the ability to eliminate the use of physical Social Insurance Number cards. According to an article in the May 16 issue of the Globe and Mail, actual SIN cards will no longer be issued as of March 2014. Currently Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan legislation requires employers to ask to see the actual card.


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2012 federal budget: How will it affect employment in Canada?

The government recently released its 2012 federal budget, which sets out a comprehensive agenda to bolster Canada’s fundamental strengths and address the important challenges confronting the economy over the long term. How will this affect employment in Canada?


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Researching budget changes

The day after the federal budget, it might be useful to share some thoughts about researching this budget, as well as related provincial budgets, for changes that might affect payroll source deduction and reporting.


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