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Knowing your limitation periods under the Human Rights Code

The Human Rights Code allows for a person who believes that their rights under the “Code” have been infringed upon to file an application to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. The “Code” states that the application must be made within one year after the incident, or if there were a series of incidents, within one year after the last incident in the series. But what happens when a person files an application outside of the limitation period?


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Use of Kijiji in jobs report highlights its unreliability as a recruitment source

On February 11, 2014, Finance Canada released its 54-page “Jobs Report” alongside the Federal Budget. In that report, the Canadian Government claimed that Canada’s job vacancy rate had been “increasing steadily since 2009.” However, this claim was challenged by economists, who noted that Statistics Canada’s own figures proved it was declining. It was later concluded that the problem related to the Canadian Government’s use of data that included Kijiji job postings. In light of this development, employers that wish to advertise jobs in connection with the filing of a Labour Market Opinion application should avoid the use of free websites such Kijiji or Craigslist.


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Resolving to change: Fostering transformation at the organizational level

Welcoming a New Year can also mean welcoming change. Many individuals have resolved to make changes in their lives. Companies also often kick-off change initiatives or begin to implement talked about transformation in the New Year.


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