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Court disregards release where settlement “unconscionable”

The Ontario Superior Court recently allowed an employee to proceed with claims against his former employer regarding long-term disability insurance, even though he had signed a release in exchange for a severance package when his employment ended.


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New development in Christian Horizons discrimination case

When a support worker at an evangelical Christian organization that runs homes for persons with developmental disabilities entered a same-sex relationship, the organization found the worker had breached its “Lifestyle and Morality Statement,” which prohibited homosexual relationships. The organization, Christian Horizons, eventually terminated the employee on that ground, and the worker complained of discrimination to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.


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Learn the latest! — Responding to human rights harassment complaints: Guidelines from the HRTO

You are an employer that has just received a harassment complaint from an employee. The complaint is against a valued employee who you do not want to lose. But you are also worried that you will be faced with an expensive human rights complaint or lawsuit. What do you do?


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EI Regulations amended to extend and create new pilot projects

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Regulations to amend the Employment Insurance Regulations have been published in the Canada Gazette to extend the Best 14 Weeks pilot project until 2013. The Working while on Claim pilot project is being replaced by a new project to encourage claimants to work more while receiving benefits. These Regulations are now in force.


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Make AODA training count for more than compliance

The best employers and proactive HR managers will go beyond just meeting the AODA training requirements. You can make the greatest impact for your employees and for your organization by using your AODA training as tool for increasing employee engagement. One way to do this is to carefully design and promote your organization’s AODA program as socially responsible corporate behaviour rather than simply as a compliance-driven reaction…


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Introducing guest blogger Marcia Scheffler

We are happy to welcome Marcia Scheffler to our roster of regular bloggers at First Reference Talks.


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