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2012 Clawbies announced ― First Reference Talks is proud to have won an award

The Clawbie Awards have been announced. First Reference Talks is proud to have won a #Clawbie2012 award in the category of Legal Culture.


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Three most outstanding Canadian law blogs of 2012

On December 3, 2012, the 7th annual Canadian Law Blog Awards (a.k.a. the Clawbies) started receiving nominations for the best outstanding Canadian law blogs for 2012. Closing date to submit your choices is Thursday December 27th, with the winners being announced on New Year’s Eve here.


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2011 CLawBies announced ― First Reference Talks is proud to be one of the finalists!

The 2011 CLawBie Awards have been announced. First Reference Talks is proud to be the runner up in the Fodden Award for Best Canadian Law Blog category in 2011!


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It’s time for the Clawbies nominations

It’s that time of year when we are asked to recognize the hard work of Canadian bloggers who take to heart all things legal. This year, with so many good new Canadian law blogs out there, the competition for Clawbies will be especially tough . The Clawbies awards recognize the Canadian legal blogosphere’s best and brightest: the interesting, innovative and informative sites that readers rely on for legal news and interpretation.


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Social networking and Internet abuse in the workplace – Learn the latest

We’ve written plenty on First Reference Talks about the significant effects—both negative and positive—that online social networking can have on workplaces. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, news or entertainment blogs or what-have-you, employees are using social media, and increasingly they’re doing it on your time. Employers should be aware of the potential value they can derive from social media, as well as the potential risks.


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