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Charter of the French Language

Slaw: Does Quebec’s French language policy really need revitalizing?

The CSLF acknowledges that the labour market has changed (e.g., due to the globalization of markets, new information technologies and increased immigration) and that knowledge of a language other than French—usually English—is an essential requirement for many jobs in several sectors. However, the CSLF believes that bilingualism cannot and must not become a systemic requirement in the world of work in Quebec, which has a key role to play in integrating newly arrived immigrants into Quebec society. Thus,…


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Slaw: Amending the Charter of the French Language and other laws

The preamble of the Charter of the French language makes it clear that everyone has the right to live and work using the French language, and that it is the official language of Quebec in government, law, work, education, commerce and business. This preamble is now elaborated to acknowledge that,


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Slaw: CSST services and website available only in French

The Office québécois de la langue française requires that all communications between the Commission de la Santé et de la Sécurité du Travail du Québec (CSST, Quebec’s workplace health and safety board) and employers, suppliers and partners take place in French only, to comply with…


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