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Conflict resolution

Requirements for conducting a workplace harassment investigation: lessons from the Green Party

Any allegation of harassment in the workplace needs to be taken seriously. Not the least of which, employers should be mindful of the statutory duty to conduct a related investigation.


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Ostracism is different from harassment – and sometimes worse

You might have seen instances of bullying or harassment at your workplace—we certainly hear about them frequently—but have you witnessed ostracism? A series of recent studies by Canadian researchers find that social exclusion is distinct from direct harassment and bullying, and can actually be more insidious.


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Beat the heat – Tips to lower the temperature and resolve workplace conflicts

With sunshine and vacations you would expect the office to be a happier place during the summer. However vacations can increase the workload on co-workers, foster intermittent and missed communications and add to the stress level of employees who are struggling to meet a deadline before they go on vacation or coming back from vacation to an overloaded inbox. Rising temperatures can equal rising tempers!


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Eight out of ten workers witnessed conflicts in the workplace, so what?

According to a recently released CROP survey carried out for the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés (Quebec’s human resources professional association), 79 percent of workers in Quebec often or occasionally witnessed a conflict in their workplace in the last year. The survey also indicates that 62 percent of employees believe their managers are inclined to resolve conflicts, compared to 38 percent who feel they tend to ignore them.


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