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Corporate culture

Managing employee risk requires a culture of compliance

Companies need to know how to measure and analyze compliance data so they can take any necessary actions before something unethical or illegal happens. High-quality data sources with predictive power enable companies to assess their current culture of compliance and take prompt action when needed.


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Inspiring employee engagement at Christmas – Christmas bonuses vs Christmas giving

Does your company do an annual Christmas bonus or appreciation? Has it been going on for a long time? Do employees expect it? Feel entitled to it? At some point an annual Christmas bonus becomes an employee entitlement. They begin to feel they deserve or are entitled to it. The same can be said for seniority awards.


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Should work be fun?

Did you know that January 28th was National Fun at Work Day?


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Fostering gold medal performances in your organization

It’s been hard to miss the Olympics, and face it, who would have wanted to miss the exhilarating, elegant and extreme gold medal performances of the 2014 Sochi Olympics! Canadian athletes came out on top of the podium in multiple events including the nail-biting women’s gold medal hockey final and Alex Biloudeau’s flawless repeat gold medal run in moguls skiing. Russia had some incredible performances in figure skating from both an aging star and an emerging one in the team skate event.  Both Canada and Russia performed very well in the 2014 Sochi Olympics.


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Five ways to keep your employees’ new year’s resolutions and productivity alive at work

2012 is gone, and 2013 is well underway. Many people have made commitments to themselves to make a change for the better in their professional lives. It’s a new year, so why not start fresh right? People often feel as though the New Year brings a renewed sense of commitment and productivity at work.


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How corporate events build employee engagement

First Reference just had its annual picnic and a good time was had by all. There was lots of food, chats and amusing repartee, and a mean game of croquet! This event, among others,which in practical terms might be characterized as activities to build the culture of the organization or team-building activities, have helped create a community at our workplace and not just a workforce.


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