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Disclosing medical information

Human Rights Tribunal scrutinizes medical note in allegation of discrimination on the basis of disability

Human Resources practitioners are constantly confronted with medical notes from employees that do not provide any meaningful medical information (i.e. Bob is off work for 2 weeks because he is under doctor’s care). In addition, some employees who are disciplined or terminated after submitting these less than informative medical notes will file human rights complaints alleging discrimination in employment on the basis of a disability. Recently, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal (“Tribunal”) had a chance to comment on these all too common issues…


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Employer and insurer both breached privacy of employee

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta has determined that an employer violated the Personal Information Protection Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act when it disclosed more information than necessary to determine the employee’s eligibility for disability benefits, and that the group insurance provider used the information without consent.


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Employers discussing employee medical condition with other employees

In general, an employer, manager, supervisor or HR professional discussing an employee’s medical condition with other employees is just plain inappropriate…


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