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discrimination on the ground of family status

Maternity and parental leave policies: To top up, or to tap out? That is the question…

New York-based bank JP Morgan Chase has recently been getting a lot of attention in the media after paying a hefty 5 million dollars to settle charges that their parental leave policy was discriminatory towards their male employees. It is believed that the settlement will impact up to 5,000 fathers who were denied parental leave benefits.


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Family status accommodation: an infographic

Now that the summer is over and the new school year has arrived, employers may be hearing a little (or a lot) more about employees’ family scheduling problems and requests for accommodation.


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When babies need tending and parents need mending: accommodating employees on the basis of family status

What if a single mother asks to miss work to care for her sick child? Or an only child asks for a reduced work week to care for an elderly parent? For many years, discriminating on the basis of family status has been illegal in most Canadian jurisdictions. However, it is only recently that the courts and adjudicators have been called upon to decide the scope of an employer’s obligation to accommodate…


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Most-viewed articles this week on HRinfodesk

The three most viewed articles on HRinfodesk this week deal with EI parental benefits for a twin birth, another federal court ruling on discrimination regarding childcare obligations and how an employer responded to online harassment of management.


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