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harassment prevention policy

Is training a wise investment?

Valuable information can come from diverse sources. Consider this case I uncovered via the daily commuter newspaper: a female employee complained that a third-party service provider harassed her. The incident took place on the employer’s premises, but the alleged harasser was not employed directly by the employer. He was employed by the company that serviced the company’s office photocopiers…


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Do your managers and front line workers have accurate info about human rights issues?

Do your managers and front line workers have accurate facts about human rights issues? A number of conversations I have had with workers lately inform me that many people allow their emotions to overwhelm the facts. The misunderstandings that flow from this emotional response can lead to costly violations of the law for your organization.


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Harassment has potential to breed violence when unchecked!

My colleagues and I recently made fun of the possible employment law issues that could come out of the implementation of full-body scanners as a form of screening device for airport security. But I never expected this, and so soon.


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