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HR management

HR and IT: An uneasy alliance

HR is being called on to focus primarily on strategic goals and to add increasing value to organizations. The other field that has become an integral part of business is technology. It is therefore not surprising that in HRs effort to become increasingly relevant, IT is being leveraged in the execution of the HR function in an increasing number of ways. This e–HR revolution has taken many forms, from applicant tracking systems, to machine learning in recruitment and selection to software driven onboarding and employee HR support. The consequence of this is that more and more HR activities are being executed electronically—by a computer instead of by a person.


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Integrate and elevate your HR functions for business and people success

Business integration of the HR function occurs fully when the talent management system, including performance management, succession planning, competency management, systems integration, employee engagement, corporate culture, change management and leadership development is able to successfully align the development of the people in its system to meet business performance objectives. People operations and processes are designed to empower people to achieve development and organizational goals.


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Partnering with an external workforce analytics provider – Three ways this can help you do more in 2015

I attended a webinar last week and wanted to share some best practices aimed at mid-sized organizations in accelerating capabilities in workforce analytics.


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Simon Cowell in HR?

I recently read in that 82 percent of survey respondents said they thought the Britain’s Got Talent and American Idol judge, Simon Cowelll, would be perfect for a career in human resources…


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