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inconsistent with values

Crafting policies is the art of business


Policies are crucial to a successful business. Without them, it’s impossible to consistently control and keep track of all the things that happen day to day. It’s great to see others as excited about the topic as we are at First Reference. Last week, Scott Lowe outlined on TechRepublic, “10 things to consider when creating policies.” And it’s not just IT policy he’s interested in.


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Another case of school employee working in sex trade – this time, teacher did not lose job

Remember the case where a Quebec school board terminated an office assistant because she was a porn video star on the side? She was terminated because her off-duty conduct was inconsistent with the school board’s mission and the values the board wished to convey to students. Well, here’s another case where a sex-ed teacher who also worked as a stripper and porn actor was allowed to keep teaching! What was the difference in this case?


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