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Keays v. Honda

Court again confirms no upper limit with damages for non-management and low-level workers

The case of Olivares v. Canac Kitchens (another in the long list of wrongful dismissal accounts against Canac Kitchens) arose from the termination of a 24-year employee. The employee was an uneducated shipping supervisor with poor English, who oversaw a team of loaders and coordinators. His salary was approximately $93,000, including overtime pay and benefits. He spent his entire Canadian working life with the company, communicating almost exclusively in Spanish. In May 2008, Canac Kitchens ceased its manufacturing operations and, as a result, Olivares was left looking for work…


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Court of appeal rejects ‘double counting’

Most employers understand a claim for damages for wrongful dismissal as arising from the termination of an employee’s employment without adequate cause or notice. It can be argued that this in fact reflects a misconception of the nature of the employment contract. Except in certain limited cases of federally regulated companies,…


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