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Why spending time to train employees really pays off

Those who think training is expensive and a waste of time and money are sadly mistaken. An organization’s most valuable asset is its’ employees. Employees are an organizations’ means to achieving its goals. They are also the single largest operating expense, accounting for around 70% of all operating expenses. At that rate, wouldn’t you want […]


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Critical accountabilities and performance management

Job descriptions have many uses, the most obvious being to describe key responsibilities and serve as a basis for salary or pay. However, a job description has the potential to deliver far more than this…


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Clinging to past knowledge can be costly

Twice in the last month while conducting training sessions, I have had a workshop participant insist that their workers could NOT file a claim directly with the HRTO because the workers are members of a union. The workers must, they have insisted, file a grievance and settle their human rights claim via the labour relations process. A review of the law reveals the above is simply NOT the case.


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