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Hiring human resources staff member v. a human resources consultant

As Human Resources (HR) Consultants, we have often been posed the question: Why should we hire you rather than just hiring an HR employee?


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RBC’s temporary foreign worker debacle

In the wake of the RBC’s temporary foreign worker debacle, and Prime Minister Harper’s temporary foreign worker program reform, what are the implications of outsourcing Canadian jobs in favour of temporary foreign workers? The implications for Canadian workers and recruitment are telling.


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Human Rights Tribunal dismisses seven allegations of age discrimination

Since Ontario eliminated mandatory retirement back in 2006, age has become one of the most often cited ground for discrimination in human rights case law. In Zholudev v. EMC Corporation of Canada, 2012 HRTO 626, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal scrutinized an employee’s allegations of age discrimination in the context of the employer’s promotion and termination practices.


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How to choose the right payroll company

Payroll companies are used to help a business track payroll costs, issue cheques and prepare a business for filing taxes. This series of steps provides a framework that can be used to choose the right payroll company for your business.


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