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Workplace harassment provisions coming to the Canada Labour Code

As many of you know, several new amendments to the Canada Labour Code (“the Code”) came into effect on September 1st. Employers cannot rest just yet – even bigger changes are expected to arrive in 2020 in relation to workplace harassment and violence.


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Important amendments to an Act Respecting Labour Standards (Quebec)

On June 12, 2018, Bill 176 was passed and assented by the National Assembly. Since it includes numerous important amendments and differs from the version that was originally presented, we have reproduced certain provisions which may be of interest, following 8 general themes.


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Accommodating scent and dust allergies the right way

A teacher with a severe allergy to dust and scents was sufficiently accommodated by her employer, despite ongoing challenges with exposure, according to a recent decision of the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal.


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Psychological harassment: Is Quebec’s employment injury review board also putting an end to the duplication of proceedings?

The decision in Durocher c Commission des relations du travail is yet another indication of how uncomfortable the administrative and civil tribunals are with the duplication of proceedings involving claims of workplace harassment. While some tribunals will apply the principle of res judicata, others will draw on various theories to try to end the abusive use of legal resources.


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Weight a factor in employment decisions

In a recent HRinfodesk poll, we asked our readers if a person’s weight had ever influenced their decision on whether to hire, promote or reward the person. The reason I was so interested in the topic is that a Quebec lawyer recently sued her former law firm because she believes the firm discriminated against her in employment because she was overweight.


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Workplace violence and harassment training

I guess I’m lucky never to have experienced harassment at work and I certainly never expect to at my current job—unless you count some gentle ribbing at the annual croquet tournament. But nevertheless, First Reference recently had its first mandated workplace violence and harassment training session to educate me and my co-workers on the company’s new mandated policies.


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Manitoba joins other provinces in legislating against psychological harassment

Manitoba recently informed employers that it would be updating its Workplace, Safety and Health Regulation to include specific protection against psychological harassment. The regulation already protects workers from workplace violence and harassment, but this update is intended to address “intimidation, bullying and humiliation” and other similar behaviours at work, from which workers previously had no explicit protection.


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