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racial discrimination

Investigating the invisible: Examining subtle racial discrimination (part 2)

The concept of a “microaggression” has received significant attention in recent years, and was explored more fully in a previous post. At its core, a microaggression is a subtle, often unintentional, behaviour that is rooted in stereotypes about marginalized groups. Despite the absence of ill will, microaggressions in the workplace can nonetheless amount to discrimination or harassment.


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Looking in the mirror: Harassment in legal workplaces

Whether advocating for a client before the Human Rights Tribunal, drafting a Respect at Work Policy or assisting a client with engaging a workplace investigator, many lawyers are familiar with providing advice about harassment at work, but how many of us have thought about harassment in our own workplaces?


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Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk

Three popular articles this week on HRinfodesk deal with the substantial failures of an employer’s management policy; the consequences of failing to pay employees on time; and, an employee’s access request to records.


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Clinging to past knowledge can be costly

Twice in the last month while conducting training sessions, I have had a workshop participant insist that their workers could NOT file a claim directly with the HRTO because the workers are members of a union. The workers must, they have insisted, file a grievance and settle their human rights claim via the labour relations process. A review of the law reveals the above is simply NOT the case.


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Slaw: The boundaries’ of the N-word in employment

Can an employer fire a white employee for using the n-word if it lets black employees say it?


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Halloween and workplace human rights

The current movie, “The Dilemma” has caused quite a controversy lately because the character portrayed by actor Vince Vaughan says, “Electric cars are gay.”


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Unspoken and unaddressed harassment claims leads to workplace violence

I recently read in the news a classic case of unaddressed harassment claims that led to the worst form of workplace violence. This case may stem from the US but all the same principles and warnings apply in Canada as well. The case involves the death of nine people (including the suspected gunman) on Tuesday August 3, 2010, in a shooting rampage at a beer distributor in Connecticut.


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