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Is recruiting causing unemployment?

Recruiting has always been an element of HR that attracts a high level of interest, primarily because it is such a controversial aspect of HR. As a newly converted capitalist I think markets correct themselves unless there is an inherent flaw in the manner in which an element of the market is operating or some element of the market is being unduly interfered with or manipulated. I think the same applies to this problem. I don’t think talent is hard to find I think recruiting may be the problem. I think the way in which recruiting is done is what may really be driving unemployment.


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eHarmony online dating site will be matching job applicants with employers – Is that a good idea?

The media has reported that the online dating website eHarmony will be entering the recruiting business—matching employers with people looking for a job. Beginning first in the United States likely in June 2013, and soon thereafter in Canada, eHarmony plans to use its matching technology used to pair singles looking for love matches in a different way—it plans to help find the perfect employment union. That is, eHarmony will be using its technology to create the perfect harmony between job candidates and employers. How successful will this venture be, and will it change how employers find new employees?


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Facebook and employees’ rights

You’ve probably heard by now that some employers in the United States have come up with the idea of asking prospective employees for their Facebook passwords so they can take a closer look at what these candidates are all about. Is it legal? Is it ethical? Is it fair?


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