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social media in the workplace

Why social media needs to be part of your company HR policy

Recently, there has been much news about social media getting people in trouble at work and in the public eye. From politicians losing their positions in office, to businesses firing both upper management and employees for “inappropriate tweets,” it’s clear that a social media policy for businesses is becoming a required element of any effective set of HR solutions.


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High school office assistant by day, porn video star by night – should there be ramifications?

A Quebec school board has suspended a high school office assistant with pay after discovering she also happened to be a porn video star on the side. How did the school board find out about her extra-curricular activity? A student found out her secret and posted it on Facebook, and almost instantly, she was a high school celebrity.


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Using social media in the workplace

There has been a recent wave of headlines referencing incidents in which employees have been fired as a result of their online conduct, usually on Facebook or personal blogs. Human resources professionals seem to be struggling to deal with this relatively new issue effectively, and are often at a loss as to how to monitor and respond to employee online behaviour. What is often ignored, however, is how companies, and HR persons in particular, can use social media to their advantage.


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