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The summer of our youth: Hiring students for the summer may be a good business strategy

Now that the summer is finally here, many of you may find your workplace peppered with summer student or recent grad employees. In fact, hiring students for the summer may be a good business strategy not only to fill human resources gaps created by employee vacations, but also to invest in a potential future workforce and to take advantage of government subsidies which may be available to help to fund student positions.


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Six steps to summer student success and a sustainable labour force for the future

Senior managers and HR directors alike agree that the main challenge facing organizations in the future will be finding and keeping skilled labour. I’d like to suggest that your organization can start the process of recruiting future employees by providing a positive and successful experience to summer students. I outline six steps on how to do this…


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Disturbing death of an underage worker – hearing begins October 2010

A recent article described the tragic death of a boy who was 15 years old and working as a paver for a company near Winnipeg. The company truck was dumping asphalt into a massive pile to use for various projects. The underage worker was helping unload the truck when he was hit by the entire load and buried alive under burning asphalt.


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