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suspension without pay

Constructive dismissal – Suspension without pay must always be reasonable

If an employer is considering suspending someone without pay best practices suggests one should document the issues, provide clear reasons for the suspension, and seek legal advice.


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The misconceptions of suspensions in non-unionized workplaces

Perhaps because of the increased press directed to union conflicts, or perhaps due solely to a misunderstanding of the employment relationship, many HR professionals perceive that they have the right to suspend an employee based on some perceived or actual misconduct by that employee. However, while most union contracts do provide the right of suspension to the employer, there is no similar right available at common law.


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Most-viewed articles this week on HRinfodesk

The three most popular HRinfodesk articles this week deal with T2200 forms, penalizing employees, and 2013 rates for RRSP limits, YMPE limits, DPSP limits, Money Purchase limits, and Defined benefits limits.


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The case of ‘hazing’ and ‘horseplay’ in the workplace continued

In my previous post on hazing and horseplay in the workplace, I referred to a recent incident where photos and videos revealed some very questionable events involving management and employees of the City of Mississauga. Since the acts were potentially criminal, the police became involved and started an investigation. Although some have said that the employees consented to the horseplay and hazing, one may wonder if that was really the case.


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