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Integrate and elevate your HR functions for business and people success

Business integration of the HR function occurs fully when the talent management system, including performance management, succession planning, competency management, systems integration, employee engagement, corporate culture, change management and leadership development is able to successfully align the development of the people in its system to meet business performance objectives. People operations and processes are designed to empower people to achieve development and organizational goals.


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Should human resources be waiting for a seat at the table or setting the table?

Ever since I entered the Human Resources (HR) profession, even in graduate school, there has been dialogue around what HR needs to do in order to get a seat at the table. This dialogue seems to have picked up even more steam in recent years and much of the growth in HR research has been focused on finding a way for HR to get that seat at the table through proving its legitimacy and its value. My view is that HR should, instead of trying to fit in or get a seat at an existing table, focus on agenda setting.


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HR metrics: A data driven look at sales teams

All of this got me thinking about the ways in which analytics can guide and drive the building out and scaling of a highly effective sales capability. With this in mind, I put together some thoughts on the inputs and decisions needed to gain a 360 degree view on your sales talent, broken into three components—Company Context, Candidate Profile & Recruitment, and Development, Support & Motivation.


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Mandatory work experience programs for all Ontario students

On Thursday June 23, 2016, the Ontario government announced that they are considering mandatory work experience programs for all high school, college and university students.


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Three CHRO hot topics- 3 of 3

This 3rd Hot Topic is: We need to get a better understanding of manager impact.


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Why your HRIS analytics and reporting just isn’t enough

In this blog, I tackle a question that gets asked a lot: “Can’t my HR & Talent Systems provide the analytics and reporting I need?”


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Start seeing clearly: Get the visibility you need with talent acquisition analytics

Across the areas of attracting, sourcing, and progressing candidates through a positive experience there are many moving parts. It can be a challenge to understand quickly and clearly, what’s working and what’s not, and where to invest attention and budget. And while there is a ton of data available this isn’t always at the right level to inform decisions. A deeper look at your recruitment channel and candidate data can deliver visibility into the effectiveness of your efforts and tell you where focus is needed.


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Top 5 picks for HR: Analytics, dashboards and scorecards

If you feel you could be doing more with your reporting, insight and impact where people analytics are concerned, these dashboards can help.


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Is Queen Elizabeth the ultimate long-term employee?

Imagine you had an employee that performed her job duties impeccably, remained utterly loyal to your organization, never brought personal “drama” to the workplace, and was willing to stay in the same position without complaint for over 60 years. Sounds like a dream employee, doesn’t it?


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Divergent movie raises interesting HR questions

Insurgent, the second film in the Divergent series, opened last April and hoped to make a big splash at the box office. Based on the books by Veronica Roth, the series depicts a dystopian future where young people are forced to survive crazy situations created by adults. What makes the Divergent series interesting for HR professionals and business owners, especially when compared to similar teen-friendly fare like The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner, is the fact that its story-lines echo a number of issues relevant to today’s workplaces.


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McKinsey’s betting that workforce analytics is the next big wave

When it comes to workforce analytics and its value, McKinsey’s in.


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Talent management get ahead with workforce analytics

Organizations know that finding and keeping top talent is key to success. Nowhere is this more at the core than in Talent Management. And it’s important in Talent Management to be able to optimize and demonstrate the ROI of efforts and activities.


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HR – Think and act like a marketer: Segment your data to fuel evidence-based workforce decisions

Companies spend a great deal of time, money, and resources to understand, target, recruit and retain customers. They approach these tasks with rigour and rely on data and analytics as the key input to decision-making. It’s time we took the same approach with the company’s most important asset – the employees.


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Understanding top talent

When I hear people talk about top talent, I get reminded of the elusive (and sometimes voodoo) experiences that I had in the past in corporate environments when identifying top talent.
I have to say, it always conjures up memories both good and bad.


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Introducing our newest guest blogger QuIRC

We are very pleased to announce that QuIRC, will be sharing their expertise with our readers on First Reference Talks. They will be covering issues surrounding workforce analytics (also known as HR metrics).


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