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termination for just cause

Harassers, empty your pockets and pay up! Including personal financial accountability for harassment in employment contracts – key considerations

In January, Variety reported about the new position of John Lasseter, the former Pixar head of animation who was the subject of a workplace harassment complaints from Pixar staffers.


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Court rejects privilege claim and orders disclosure of investigators’ notes

An ever-evolving aspect of employment law jurisprudence concerns when an employer can shield documents and correspondence relating to a workplace investigation from a former employee who has commenced wrongful dismissal litigation. A recent Superior Court of Ontario decision fell against the employer on this issue.


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Employee who lied about ability to work justly fired

An Ontario labour arbitrator upheld an employee’s termination for just cause after the employer learned that the employee faked the severity of her injury and ability to perform work for over five years. The arbitrator found that the employer was justified in terminating the employee for just cause because the actions of the employee went to the heart of the employment relationship.


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The law of just cause, revisited again

A few months ago I provided a contribution to this blog concerning an update on the law of just cause. I am doing so again with today’s blog, not for the fact that I am really interested in the law of just cause, but rather, judicial decisions that supported the defendant’s termination for just cause are quite uncommon and the factual circumstances are always quite interesting, such as in the newly released decision of Mykki Cavic v. Costco Wholesale Canada Limited.


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Employee was tricked into training his replacement before being terminated

In a recent post, I discussed an example of the employer doing the right thing. Unfortunately, today’s story is an example of the employer doing the wrong thing.


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