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Never too late: Court rejects employee’s attempt to avoid liability for theft

The case discussed in this article is both an encouraging sign for employers who are victims of employee theft, as well as a warning.


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The case of the lunch bag letdown – Should all employee thefts be treated equally?

It has probably happened to most of you. It’s noon, you’re hungry, and that amazing Dagwood-esque sandwich that you got up early to prepare for your lunch is waiting for you in the workplace fridge. Except that it’s not, it’s been stolen, scarpered, misappropriated by one of your colleagues.


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Employers ask: what conduct by an employee constitutes cause for dismissal


I am frequently asked by employer clients to describe what type of conduct by an employee will be held by the courts to qualify as cause for dismissal. Employers are often frustrated by the answer they receive – that it seems that nothing less than stealing money from the company will suffice. In the case of long time employees without prior instances of misconduct, theft may still be insufficient. A recent decision of the Ontario Superior Court has fortunately clarified the circumstances in which courts will find cause for dismissal as a result of dishonesty. What is striking about the decision is the reliance of the judge on a seemingly insignificant act committed by a nineteen year employee.


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Bookkeeper goes to jail for eight years after defrauding employer

The British Columbia Court of Appeal recently upheld a lengthy prison sentence for a bookkeeper who defrauded her employer of over $700,000.


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Are your employees surfing the Internet during work hours?

With the technology at employees’ fingertips, employers worry about whether their employees are engaging in personal Internet use during work hours.


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What to do about employee theft

Have you experienced theft at your business? Who did it—an outsider, a new hire or the long-term employee you’d never have suspected? It could be any of them, and you shouldn’t be surprised if it’s the latter.


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