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When does it make sense to fire without cause?

The recent firing of Toronto Transit Commission head Gary Webster makes it difficult for the city to claim it is trying to run like a business. Webster, a 37-year TTC employee, was a year away from the end of his contract, and his termination without cause will likely cost the city at least $500,000 in severance pay, not to mention the costs associated with replacing him.


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Slaw: AODA era part V: The transportation standard

Many interested stakeholders who participated in the AODA Proposed Integrated Accessibility Regulation consultation process from February 1, 2011 to March 18, 2011 are very concerned about the timelines and a number of the requirements related to the implementation of the AODA transportation standard. The cost implications for the transportation standard are believed to be significant. Provisional estimates, for certain smaller transit systems, would see the annual ongoing operating costs equate to upwards of 50 percent of the current operating costs.


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