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workplace harassment and violence policies and program

Manitoba joins other provinces in legislating against psychological harassment

Manitoba recently informed employers that it would be updating its Workplace, Safety and Health Regulation to include specific protection against psychological harassment. The regulation already protects workers from workplace violence and harassment, but this update is intended to address “intimidation, bullying and humiliation” and other similar behaviours at work, from which workers previously had no explicit protection.


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Workplace violence in self-defence: what does the law say?

Although some readers believe that any kind of workplace violence is inappropriate, there was a consensus that acting within reason to protect yourself is okay—nobody should be expected to “stand there and take a beating”.


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Workplace violence in self-defence: What do you think?

If another worker attacks me at work, I’m going to protect myself. Does this law [the Occupational Health and Safety Act] say I can’t do that? What do you think?


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