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Introducing our newest guest blogger Beyond Rewards Inc.

We are very pleased to announce that Beyond Rewards Inc. will be blogging on First Reference Talks.


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Going deeper to go higher: Getting the most out of in-service training for employees and employers

September traditionally marks back to school for kids, and many employees are also starting new courses and maintaining in-service training requirements. For most employers vacation schedules are calming down, as managers are revving up production, sales, vision and values kick-offs, quality improvement programs, client-centered programs and increased service delivery. Underpinning the organizational capacity to deliver its desired goals is training.


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Violence and harassment prevention: Keep hate crimes in check!

You have a legal obligation to understand how the race, religion and sexual orientation of your employees can impact their safety at work. Understanding these factors will empower you to take steps to protect your workers from harassment and violence as required by the recent amendments to Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (Bill 168).


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Bill 168 compliance: the deadline is 16 business days away! Have you told your employees?

I got a call the other day from a relieved client. She and her management team have, after months of hard work, put the finishing touches on their new workplace harassment and violence policies in compliance with Ontario’s Bill 168…


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Workplace training: Proactive or reactive

Here’s a training tip I share with my workshop participants: Human rights sensitiviy training will probably not change racist opinions. Training will however let employees know how to file a complaint internally. This mechanism allows you to deal with the issue before it gets to the Human Right Tribunal. LEARN–DON’T LITIGATE.



Now is the time to arrange training

I have been busy at the HRPA Annual Conference and Tradeshow this week where I had the pleasure of presenting, “Protecting Your Organization from the Workplace Bully.” I can report that, based on the buzz among HR Professionals and decision makers I have talked to, employers are really aware of their obligations and challenges under the amended Occupational Health & Safety Act. Employers, for the most part, also have a renewed interest in reaching up and pulling down from the shelf, those plans for training in the areas of harassment prevention!


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Introducing guest blogger Andrew Lawson

It’s a pleasure to welcome Andrew Lawson as a guest blogger. He will be blogging about human resources, employment and labour law issues, specifically in the areas of human rights and health and safety .


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